BSB DEMIRCAN PUNCH was founded in 2007 in Istanbul. Our production is targeting shoe industry suppliers.    

We offer a full range of standard punch tubes and fancy shapes for use in the leather, footwear, gasket and multitude of other industries.  Every punch is manufactured from high quality carbon tool, are black/blue coloured, hardened and tempered. Prickers, needles and cutting boards are also part of our product family. Our punches have 9.7 , 19 and 32 mm. standard lengths. These lengths are offered with a range of 0.8 to 5 mm. diameters. Product portfolio is supplied with quality standards supported by computer-based tests and measurements. We have a dedicated department just for heat treatment which has a significant importance in production process of prickers and needles.  

Since the start of its operations, BSB DEMIRCAN PUNCH has given top priority to providing customer oriented, high-quality products and services as an operating foundation. After a short time of establishment we also proved our quality and enthusiasm by exporting our goods to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebonon and Greece.